ACFAP Academic Partnership

The ACFAP Academic Partnership makes it easy for Academic Institutions, College or university to provide expert forensic accounting training programs to your students. We encourage the private academic players to take the benefit of our forensic accounting resources.

Universities around the world have the opportunity to become key providers of forensic accounting education and training through the unique partnership with the Association of Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals.

The partnership was established in 2013 to address the unprecedented need for forensic accounting education at the university level. In pursuit of this objective, the ACFAP is committed to providing timely, world-class educational tools and resources to universities and colleges around the world.

To start the process of joining the partnership, your college or university must submit the following:

  • A letter of intent on university/college or academic institution’s letterhead stating its plan to begin a course titled “Forensic Accounting”
  • Provide the instructor’s name (*the instructor must be a member of the ACFAP) and the date in which the course will be implemented
  • Acknowledge and return the Terms of Use
  • Provide instructor and student evaluations within 90 days of course completion

The ACFAP will then provide your institution with the following resources and accompanying workbooks below to support your Forensic Accounting course:

Publications Price
Students Handbook on Forensic Accounting $25
Students Handbook on Insurance Frauds $25
Students Handbook on Stock Market Frauds $25
Students Handbook in Money Laundering $25
Forensic Accounting for Non Forensic Accountants $5

*Total 7 resources are provided to college, university partners, academicians and not to individual members.

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