Fighting the Information Technology Frauds

Certified Information Technology Fraud Analyst

Fighting Information Technology Frauds

Poised to become a US$ 225 billion industry by 2020, the Indian information technology (IT) industry is facing numerous challenges in terms of Frauds. Information Technology Fraud Analyst is the certification which combines the techno-financial subjects to make the course more comprehensive and different. Currently, the programs which are offered in the Information Security domain are purely technical in nature i.e. they focus on the technical aspects of the information technology, however the course offered by ACFAP also speaks about the financial aspects of the data theft and information security.

Certified Information Technology Fraud Analyst

Information Technology Fraud Analyst is one of the specialised program from the Association of Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals. ACFAP has always believed that spreading awareness is the solution to fight the frauds effectively. Training and testing the skills of your employees on the issues related to frauds not only helps you in reducing the costs of fighting frauds but also helps in protecting your data and information. Here is a bird’s eye view on the certification programs offered by ACFAP. Get the CITFA Overview here.

Syllabus of CITFA

It is essential to understand the Information Technology Industry to understand the nature and complexities involved while committing the frauds. Apart from the early warning signals of corporate frauds, this program also covers the topic which exclusively speaks about the fraud in NASDAQ Listed company called “Satyam Computers”. CITFA syllabus is comprehensive and is updated regularly.

Who should do the course ?

Any professional working in the Information technology sector with one year’s experience can opt for the program.

  1. Security officer,
  2. Risk officer,
  3. Information officer,
  4. Finance officer,
  5. Accounting officer
  6. Auditor of the Information Technology company can register for this program.

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