Partner with Us


Partner with ACFAP and grow your business. There are multiple ways to partner with ACFAP.

Be our academic partner and start providing the Continuous Professional Learning hours in your country.

You can be the Academic Partner in three easy steps

  1. Apply for the CPL Partnership
  2. Pay your registration fees
  3. Start providing the CPL for the courses offered by your organisation in the forensic accounting, investigation domain

Publication partner is the person who distributes the books in the countries which are currently not covered by the ACFAP.

Program Background

ACFAP’s Training Partner programme gives formal recognition to leading learning providers for the quality tuition and support that they offer ACFAP students. It is the platform by which we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship, increasing the global availability of effective and innovative ACFAP course delivery and first-class student support.

Approval is given to learning providers who demonstrate that they meet the challenging performance targets set by ACFAP.

Programme Overview

The objective of this program is to:

  • approve quality ACFAP training partners, who have demonstrated their success in supporting students through the ACFAP qualifications
  • support our training partners in providing students with the opportunity to succeed.

More information about the Training Providers can be obtained here