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We provide you with all the information you need to advise your students. Whether they’re interested in working in fraud control or AML compliance or FATCA compliance, taking the ACFAP qualifications to test their skillsets, or to add value to the Curriculum Vitae, we can help your students achieve their goals.

In many countries, job applicants with certifications in compliance or forensic accounting can get better jobs and earn more money than similar candidates without certifications.

To prove their investigative capabilities for employment or study, we recommend students take an exam when they are well prepared and have the best chance of success.

Students can learn forensic accounting, investigation, money laundering and other compliance subjects and prepare for ACFAP exams any where in the world.

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We offer a wide range of free learning resources and official exam preparation materials. These help students improve their scores in the ACFAP exams. Support includes online courses, practice tests, learning materials, exam guides, videos, etc.

Earning with ACFAP

ACFAP LogoAcademic Partners can earn money by referring their students to ACFAP. Academic Partners who recommend their students to take up the ACFAP exams are rewarded suitably. Our commission pay out is one of the best in the industry. Read More about Earning with ACFAP Here