Rural Education Scheme for Indian Students

ACFAP Scholarship Program

Rural Education Action Program of the ACFAP

The REAP Project of ACFAP is aimed at generation of manpower in the area of Information Security in the Rural Areas of India and China. Under the REAP Project, ACFAP plans to create massive awareness about the Information Security, Malware, Cyber Threats and Technology Abuse. This program commenced on 31.3.2014 under which more than 4200 students belonging to the Rural Areas of India and China were provided with the Information Security Education Kit.

A Phase-II of the project has been approved by the Governing body of ACFAP with an outlay of $600,000 to be implemented over a period of 3 years w.e.f. 01.1.2016.

Under the Phase-II, 5000 persons are proposed to be trained under formal and non-formal courses, faculty training etc. The project also aims to provide training to more than hundreds of school students and creating mass information security awareness targeted towards Academic users, Government users and General users.


In this second phase we are looking to raise 50% funding from the corporate sector in India. Every Kit costs $120 and if you are interested in supporting the Rural Education in Information Security then please buy a Information Education kits.


Students who belong to the Pre-defined areas defined by the Government of India (Currently, Jammu & Kashmir and North East States of India) and would like to be equipped with the study material on Information Security and Information Technology Frauds can download the application form here and submit the completed application form to contactus [at] acfap [dot] com.

What is Excluded ?

Under this scheme ACFAP will only provide the study material, reference material and the study aides, however the certification examination is not part of this scheme.

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5 thoughts on “Rural Education Scheme for Indian Students”

  1. Information Security is an interesting domain. There are many companies globally which are offfering the certification programs for a cost. I was really surprised to see such kind of a training programs offered at free for Indian students particularly.They also offered me scholarship for completion of Certification. Everything was beyond my expectations. Their commitment to the community is remarkable. I would appeal every one, whenever it opens again, please do participate in the program if you are from Rural areas of J&k or Assam

    1. Dear Sandeep
      We are really thankful to you for encouraging words.The second phase of our scheme would start in 2016. Mostly from 1st January’2016.

      Team ACFAP

  2. I got the email immeiately from their contact email address with the link to download the study material. Interesting study material on anti viruses and malwares. I would certainly go for their certification offering

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