Scholarship Management

Scholarship management

Scholarship Management Program is a very unique offering from ACFAP. Objective of this Scholarship Management initiative is to take the information security and forensic accounting education to the rural areas . [Read More About Our Reap Program]

Company-sponsored education assistance programs can help bring information security and forensic accounting education to students around the world. But implementing a program on your own requires extra time, money and training. Often, the added administrative burden put on your internal team is too much.

We are experts in managing information security and forensic accounting education assistance programs for corporations and foundations of all sizes – partnering with us will help give you back your time and save you money.

Every year, we at ACFAP are distributing hundreads of scholarships globally. [Read About the Global ACFAP Scholarship Program ] We are extending this experience to bridge the gap between the sponsoring organsations and deserving students.

Features of Scholarship Management Program

ACFAP has a significant student base of the information security students across the world. This student base helps the sponsoring organisation to take up their scholarship programs to the students. There is no extra advertising cost for the students of the

  1. Creating and customizing the application process – ACFAP create the application process based on the customized requirements, terms and target audience of the sponsoring organisation.
  2. Evaluation of applications received from the Information Security Students – ACFAP would host the Application on its website based on the criteria defined by the sponsoring organisations.
  3. Recipient verification – Once the student application is evaluated and is found to be eligible for the scholarship, KYC process would be completed for the recipient.
  4. Recipient selection – On completion of the KYC process and communication with the student, recipients would be selected list of all such short-listed candidates would be sent to the Sponsoring organisation.
  5. Applicant notification – All the slected candidates would be suitably notified and their names would be hosted on the ACFAP website under the sponsoring organisation program.
  6. Processing of payments to the students
  7. Student tracking
  8. Day-to-day customer service
  9. Detailed program reporting to the scholarship sponsors

Scholarship Management Duration

The total implementation time of a scholarship program is dependent on the criteria required to manage the program. Once the program details are finalized and approved by an organization, the implementation time is generally 4-12 weeks.

If you have ideas and want to reach out to the students, kindly write to us on