Asian Swindlers arrested for million dirham siphoning


Three members of a gang who siphoned Dhs997,000 from two accounts of a commercial bank’s client will spend three years in jail to be followed by deportation.

The Asian unemployed man, 38, visitor, 26 and mechanic, 26, were part of a gang who drained the victim’s accounts until concerned authorities intervened on May 15.

The unemployed man impersonated the victim in front of a telecom employee and claimed he had lost his SIM card. He applied for a replacement SIM card.

He filled in an application form, signed it, presented it to the employee and obtained the card. He and the others landed on the victim’s bank account details.

They activated online banking, obtained a username and password, accessed his accounts and transferred Dhs997,179.2 from them to a fugitive’s account.

The Dubai Criminal Court learnt that on May 9 the victim contacted the Abu Dhabi-based bank complaining that money was embezzled from his two accounts.

The management discovered that a swindler had logged on the bank’s smartphone banking app and activated banking services for the victim’s accounts.

The swindler transferred money to the account of another man before it could be withdrawn using cheques bearing names of the unemployed man and the visitor.