Banking, Finance and Insurance Certifications from ACFAP


ACFAP in association with NSE Academy has launched various BFSI Certifications and training programs for building the Forensic Accounting and Compliance skill sets in the Banking, Stock Market and Insurance Sector. This is completely ACFAP driven initiative to build the skillsets in the Banking, Stock Market and Insurance Sector

Banks are facing the growing challenge of tackling the Non Performing Assets across the world. In India it has crossed Rs. 2.67 Lac crores. There is a stress in the big corporate accounts, which may increase the bad loans further. Due to the sensitivity of the data banks believe more in their internal audit and investigation teams for investigation of the frauds. Our certifications are customised to help the bankers and in order to equip the vigilance departments of the Nationalized and Private Sector banks.

  • In order to help the capacity building in the Banking Sector, ACFAP offers two programs
    • Anti Fraud Capacity Building – Under this program, ACFAP helps to build the capacity in the Banking Fraud Control Units, Risk Containment Units or Forensic Units. The Credit Card Fraud volumes are growing with the tremendous speed and the fraud methods are changing even faster. To address the issues in lending, trade finance and credit card frauds ACFAP offers the Certification called Certified Bank Forensic Accountant.
    • Compliance Capacity Building: Banks across the world are covered by various statutes and accords. Some of the most important and complicated are BASEL-III and Prevention of Money Laundering. To address these issues in the Banking Compliance Domain ACFAP offers three Certifications Viz.
      1. Certified BASEL-III Professional – Which covers the complicated formulae calculations and detailed definitions of the inclusions and exclusions from the Numerators and Denominators while calculating the Capital Adequacy Ratio
      2. Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert – This is the program for the compliance professionals who are working to combat the peril of Money Laundering in the leading financial institutions. Money Laundering is a Global issue and banks need more people to understand the techniques and tools used by the launderers. We help the students to understand the global regulations, sanctions, intelligence reports etc

Certified Stock Market Anti Fraud Professional is the Second specialisation under the BFSI Certifications offered by the Association of Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals. This is a useful certification for the professionals looking to understand the gamut of the stock market frauds in the financial sector. Stock market frauds classification covers the frauds in the primary markets ex: Prospectus frauds, IPO frauds and secondary market frauds like Dabba Trading and synchronised trading.

Syllabus for this program is

  1. Classification of Stock market frauds
  2. Global case studies on the stock market frauds
  3. Insider trading and laws
  4. IPO Scams
  5. Frauds by the promoters

Some of the techniques of stock market frauds are scalping, parking or churning which are discussed here in this study material. This material also discuss the Mauritius treaty and its impact on the stock markets and have covered the basics of laundering in stock markets

Certified Insurance Fraud Specialists is the certification program offered by the ACFAP for the professionals from Insurance Sector. Participants will be given a broad-based introduction to the nature and purpose of forensic accounting. The scope and content of all subjects extend well beyond ‘narrow’ focus of fraud prevention and provide an opportunity to study and acquire skills in investigative techniques and the collection of data as well as the skills necessary to not only identify poor management but also unethical and fraudulent activities.

Manual on Insurance Frauds, which classifies the Insurance sector Frauds in Indian insurance companies is the key learning aspect of this program. In addition the participants also get to learn the Red flags of the various insurance fraud schemes based on the theme that frauds are committed in “Life Insurance” or “Non-life insurance”. This certification covers both these sectors of Insurance. Additionally, the study material designed for the course also discuss the methods for prevention, detection and investigation of the frauds in the Indian insurance sector

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