Bogus degree certificates exposed by Oman Ministry


That rule applies to everyone working in Oman who obtained their position because of the qualification, whether expat or Omani team task management.
The new rule was introduced to monitor the quality of graduates working in the Sultanate.
More than 100 fake degrees have already been discovered. The ministry made no comment on consequences for those who have submitted the fraudulent papers.

“Ever since we put out our new legislation, which made equivalency compulsory for academic qualifications obtained from foreign universities outside Oman, the ministry has been receiving applications and has come across some cases of fraud certificates this year,” Khadija Al Subhi from the department told the Times of Oman.
Earlier this year, the ministry had made an announcement on the importance of equivalency saying that, “Everyone who is employed in Oman, both in the public and private sectors, has to get their qualification equalised by the Ministry.”

They said, “Students who wish to continue their study abroad must get the ministry’s approval before pursuing the study.Tool Online Fast furious legacy Coins

“We can confirm that after the announcement, the number of applications for equivalency have increased, and our department is receiving many applications from the Ministry of Manpower, and other private sector companies, compared with the period before the implementation of the new legislation, where we received fewer applications from them.”

Source: Times of Oman