Doctor Kelkar to mentor ACFAP in Middle East


In an interesting development in Middle East, Dr. Abhijeet Kelkar, leading authority on forensic accounting in Oman has agreed to mentor the ACFAP in the middle east.

Dr. Kelkar is currently working as a Faculty member for College of Technology at Sultanate of Oman. Before coming to Oman, Dr. Kelkar was the Head of the Department – Finance and Head of Research, Training, Development and Consultancy wing for a B School in Pune, India.

Dr. Abhijeet Kelkar is Certified Forensic Accounting Professional to complete his Doctorate in forensic accounting. Dr. Kelkar completed his forensic accounting in the subject of corporate frauds. Industry turned Academician with a total experience of 18 years (11 Years in Industry and 7 years onwards in Academics).

He has been the regular speaker and presenter in various National and International Conferences held by Professional bodies and B Schools and a Trainer and Consultant to Police Departments and Income Tax Departments.

Dr. Kelkar has been on the Panel of a Management and Forensic Accounting Consulting Firm in India as a Trainer and Consultant, Riskpro Management Consulting Private Limited where he was training for the certifications on the e-commerce frauds.